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I have been a fitness trainer for over ten years, and I have found that many people, including sports enthusiasts and urbanists who use computers for a long time, have different pains and strains, leading to various degrees of decline in Range Of Motion and muscle function loss. All problems are actually related to muscle imbalance, strain or incorrect posture.

At that time, I realised that most people do not have the concept of muscles and tendon maintenance, so I delved from the aspect of stretching and explored how to relax deep tissues. I learnt the mystery of the human kinetic chain and the relationship between various parts of the body. In many cases, the location of the pain may not be the origin of it, because the muscles on the fascia line and the fascia actually interact with each other. An overactive muscle will affect other muscle groups on the same activity line.

Not only does stretching improve ranges of motions, as the Chinese saying goes, "one inch longer and ten years longer", stretching can deeply solve chronic pains, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, and even make skin and sleep quality better.


Mr. Yeung sincerely hopes the general public can gain awareness over stretching. In order to promote the benefits of stretching, Mr. Yeung is determined to create One Stretching, using his rich experience and unique technique to address the soft tissue problems of the body, and fundamentally solve all chronic pains. We committed to solving everyone's pain, so that everyone can enjoy life healthy..

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7 Keys to HEALTH


Revitalise Joints

Revamp joint range of motions and flexibilities


Relieve Chronic Pain

Investigate and tackle the root cause of chronic pain syndromes


Correct Postures​

Correct improper postures by relaxing overactive fibre and reactivate under-active muscles 


Rehabilitate Injuries

Release myofascial knots with manual therapy, boost recovery


​Prevent Injuries

Restore flexibility and elasticity in muscle-tendon unites, avoid injuries


Improve Sport Performance

Develop better muscle quality, to reach the potentials of the body


​Promote Blood Circulation

​Increase blood flow to muscles, remove waste byproducts stored in the muscles


We provide:


1-to-1 Stretching

Our coaches will help eliminate your fatigue, relax tense tendons, undo tight knots, unclog and enhance circulations, and ease pain. Regular sessions will improve sports and fitness performances.



Modern people are associated with having poor postures, long-term use of electronics, and a busy lifestyle. Daily maintenance is best done at home every night to maintain a healthy body.

In our stretching workshops, our coach will teach you ways you can stretch and maintain good flexibility with simple tools. This workshop will help you find your tender points and use your bodyweight to relax yourself instantly.

Stretching Coach Course

The 9 hour course is designed to train certified stretching coaches. From the basics of muscular activities to all the fundamental stretching techniques, all participants will be assessed at the end of the course. This course is heavily practical with supplementary notes to aid memorising. All participants are expected to practise and try the taught techniques on friends and family for better muscle memory.

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Kary Shek,
Asst Mgr 

Professional and patient tutors. Help me a lot with my back pain and pain on the legs. Started guided exercising and get healthier😄

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Ka Yun WONG, Hong Kong Beach Volleyball Team


Ricky Hau, Head of IT

Nice friendly environment and what’s more it really helps me recover (weekend trail running training) faster than ever before.

March Cheng, Handball Team

距離做完ACLR手術已經11個月, 一直都唔可以摺埋哂隻左腳,由其跪坐依個動作 每次一做依個動作條腿後面都會好痛 唔好講話摺埋! 因為rehab其間做緊好多weight training d肌肉一直扯到行哂 碌foam roller都放鬆唔到 企兩企隻腳就會淵到我唔識形容 仲影響我成隻腳既coordination..發唔到力! 係冇哂辦法之下搵左one stretching,我隻腳上星期上左黎拉過一次之後 第二日去做gym時發現隻腳可以摺埋哂!!一d痛都冇 仲要feel到隻腳做gym果陣識得用番力!! 黎緊會keep住上去睇隻腳 Thanks one stretching !!

Austin Chan, Safety Officer




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How to solve Chronic Pain caused by long working hours? Let's have a look!




Meet Our Team

Apart from Stretching and Sports Massage, our staff have vast sports coaching experiences, including but not limited to Personal Training, TRX, Pilates, Yoga, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Agatsu Kettlebell, and other qualifications. Our experiences make us experts in identifying the source of pain, and use the correct stretching techniques to give the right treatment to solve the pain, and strengthen the corresponding muscles to ease chronic pain.


Ease ONE Pain:

to ease chronic pain and correct wrong postures.


One Stretching consists of a team of coaches with different sports teaching experiences. We deeply understand that most urban people suffer from muscle strains and pain. Therefore, we hope that through our knowledge and experience, we can apply our stretching techniques to help our guests relieve and improve in daily life. In relation to the situation, return to good health and enjoy life easily.


We provide professional and caring services for individuals, groups and institutions, including personalized stretching exercises, body posture assessments, athletic performance programs, and fitness program training, we identify the targets you need and tailor-make individualised programs.


We hope that through a wide range of health talks, stretching courses and workshops, we will integrate stretching exercises into our daily lives to improve our physical condition and enhance our quality of life.

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