One Yeung



I have been a fitness trainer for over ten years, and I have found that many people, including sports enthusiasts and urbanists who use computers for a long time, have different pains and strains, leading to various degrees of decline in Range Of Motion and muscle function loss. All problems are actually related to muscle imbalance, strain or incorrect posture.

At that time, I realised that most people do not have the concept of muscles and tendon maintenance, so I delved from the aspect of stretching and explored how to relax deep tissues. I learnt the mystery of the human kinetic chain and the relationship between various parts of the body. In many cases, the location of the pain may not be the origin of it, because the muscles on the fascia line and the fascia actually interact with each other. An overactive muscle will affect other muscle groups on the same activity line.

Not only does stretching improve ranges of motions, as the Chinese saying goes, "one inch longer and ten years longer", stretching can deeply solve chronic pains, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, and even make skin and sleep quality better.


Mr. Yeung sincerely hopes the general public can gain awareness over stretching. In order to promote the benefits of stretching, Mr. Yeung is determined to create One Stretching, using his rich experience and unique technique to address the soft tissue problems of the body, and fundamentally solve all chronic pains. We committed to solving everyone's pain, so that everyone can enjoy life healthy..

“Many people used the wrong muscles in training or didn't do it properly, the deep tendons or muscles would be locked up, the body is worse than before.”​

I have been a personal trainer for more than ten years. I have worked in different sizes of gyms. I have contacted with many guests. Their common issue is that their muscles are too tight, so their muscle quality is not good, plus they cannot perform well. Everyone likes to exercise, but people usually have problem of cramps, but no one knows how to maintain muscles. When we coached and found their deep muscles were locked up, further training will only get the situation worse and worse. So if I can solve the problem from the root deeply, everyone can be benefited.

Why did I start Stretching?

“The Rule is:

No pain

No gain"

What is my philosophy?

I have been in the business for more than a decade, and I have had thousands of cases. The rule is no pain no gain. If you want to make good results, you must pay first.

You need to be responsible for your body and try not to get hurt. Because after injury, you will step back for everything, because you afraid of getting hurt again. So, try to prevent injuries be-forehead.