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《都市ONE程-肩緊膊痛? 教你如何自助上半身》



RAD 有不同的產品, 有些比較硬, 有些比較軟, 軟的可以應用在運動後的肌肉酸痛, 可能促進血液循環, 加快肌肉放鬆及復原。



RAD rod - 可以雙手握住RAD rod, 利用 rod 的硬度, ,去按壓頸部肌肉, 側邊和後邊肌肉都可以放鬆到。

RAD point release kit, 這個套裝可以對付一些比較細的肌肉組織, 針對痛點去按壓, 利用自身體重, 就可以達到放鬆肌肉的效果。


通常都市人都會有膊頭後面肌肉和背闊肌會比較繃緊的問題,我們可以一開始用RAD 的 ATOM 大球去做一些熱身,先放鬆一些比較大組的肌肉,如果你發現一些痛點比較酸軟,就可以運用 KIT 這個套裝去按壓,按壓維持10多秒,待到肌肉放鬆了,就可以再加一些旋轉動作,前後左右移動,加大力度,又或是壓着痛點,手慢慢的打圈,務求令這組肌肉可以全方位得到放鬆,從而回復肌肉的彈性,回復筋腱的靈活性,增加關節活動的角度。


我們可以運用RAD CENTRE 這個工具,先把它吹脹,比較軟身,很適合用於做完運動後,胸部特別酸痛的時候,因為這種物料比較軟,而胸部又湊巧做完擴胸,拉胸等等的運動之後,用這個工具就非常合適啦!


都市人大多都好常見的,tennis elbow, golf elbow, 我們用一個小球,去壓着痛點,可以慢慢轉動手腕,慢慢開合手指,緊握拳頭,可以邊打開手掌邊轉動手腕,這樣過緊的肌肉就可以加快被放鬆。


我們會用這個 RAD HELIX,俗稱花生波,,因為這個產品是符合我們的人體工學,可以避開脊椎的地方,針對繃緊的豎脊肌,去進行按壓舒緩的;

除了用花生波,我們也可以用這個 KIT的套裝去按壓舒緩背部,可以利用瑜伽磚的不同高度,可以對付不同的肌肉,如果想放鬆深層的肌肉,可以將 Rounds 放上瑜伽磚的窄面,Rounds 即是兩個連住的硬按摩球,RAD Block 上有個凹位,可以固定 Rounds,這樣你就可以將自己的身體交托給 Block 啦,找到痛點後,將自己身體的重心向下壓,接着你可以抬起雙腿,雙腳轉圈,或者是作出一些轉腰的動作,左擺右擺,去多角度按壓那組你剛找出來繃緊的肌肉。

There are a lot of of RAD tools for you to stretch yourself in different situations easily, some are hard, and some are soft, for different applicational uses, it enhances circulation level, for faster muscles relaxation and recovery.

Introducing RAD tools to use for upper body:


RAD rod – rod helps relieving the muscles by holding its both handles and roll it around the neck muscle for both the side and the back side.

RAD point release kit – this is the kit for small muscles, focusing on the pain spot more directly, using bodyweight as pressure applying on the spot to relieve the muscles.

Back shoulder

People nowadays experience shoulders and back muscles(latissimus doris) tightness. Use RAD ATOM to warm up the large muscle groups, and when the sore spots are located, change to use the RAD kit for better contact to the pain spots. Apply pressure for about 10 seconds, when the pain is slightly relieved, rotate and move back and forth on the spots, and apply greater pressure. As a result, the spots will have all angles stretched out, muscles will regain elasticity and plus the range of motion for joints will be improved.


RAD CENTRE – it is a soft-type massage ball. It is perfect for relieving after chest exercise (gym exercise, press, pull etc.). Blow up CENTRE, roll around chest muscle inside out, from top to bottom until the sore and pain are gone.


Tennis elbow and golfer elbow are common nowadays, due to people use smart phones all the time. We are going to use a small massage ball for this case. Apply pressure on the pain spot of the forearm and slightly rotate wrist, slightly clench fingers and open it at the same time in order to have all angles for the muscles and tendons to be stretched. This will have the tighten muscles stretched and relieved.


RAD HELIX – the product that designed for human body, with a hollow in the middle to avoid contact with the spine while having great contact with the erector spinae muscles.

Beside the HELIX, RAD kit can do the work as well, different level of the RAD BLOCK can deal with different part of the back muscles. Put ROUNDS on the end of the BLOCK, there’s a spot fitting perfectly for ROUNDS. Roll around to look for the pain spots, use bodyweight as pressure to apply on the spots, lifting one leg for more pressure, both legs when the pain has relieved, turn hips to the sides for greater pressure, apply pressure on all angles for stretching the tighten muscles.





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